State Enterprise «State Scientific Centre on Medicines and Medicinal Products»

The main directions of activity are:

- fundamental research in the field of development of experimental and theoretical foundations for the creation of new medicines in optimal dosage forms and fundamental research on the quality of medicines;

- conduct preclinical (technological, analytical, pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, toxicological, biopharmaceutical) research, research (testing) of biologically active substances, biologically active additives, excipients, finished pharmaceutical products, including homeopathic, medicines for veterinary, biologically active impurities, excipient pharmaceutical substances, etc.;

- exploration of the development of common criteria and approaches to standardization and medicines quality control;

- validation of technological processes of biologically active substances, auxiliary substances, medicines manufacturing and methods of their control;

- promotion of the development and functioning of the state quality control system for medicines and medical products;

- development and harmonization of normative and technical documentation on the development, study of medicines, manufacture organization and operation with international standards.


Address:  33, Astronomichna St, Kharkiv, 61085