Claim/defects notice/suspicion of medicines falsification

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Claim/defects notice/suspicion of medicines falsification

According to the Law of Ukraine On Citizens’ Appeals, the appeal must indicate the full name, place of residence, the essence of the issue, comments, proposals, statements or complaints, requests or requirements. The written application must be with date and signature of the applicant/applicants. The e-application must also indicate the e-mail address  or other means of communication to receive a letter of reply. Electronic digital signature when sending an electronic application is not required.

A written application without indicating address, not signed by the author/authors, as well as such that it is  not possible to establish authorship, is recognized as anonymous and is not subject to consideration.

Information without adress or the e-mail  to which a reply may be sent in the electronic application, and the  incorrect information about other means of communication with the complainant, make it impossible to further consider such  application.

    Назва лікарського засобу:*

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    Номер серії:*


    Дата придбання/отримання/застосування:*

    Місце придбання/отримання/застосування (вказати назву та адресу місцезнаходження аптеки або лікувально-профілактичного закладу):*

    Тип невідповідності*

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    Додати фото: (jpg, png, gif, pdf)

    Інформація про особу, що надала рекламацію/повідомлення щодо якості/підозри щодо фальсифікації лікарського засобу:




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    Адреса листування (електронна адреса):*


    * - Відмічені поля обов'язкові для заповнювання.

    In case of doubt relating the quality of medicines, you can call the following telephone numbers:

    +380 (44) 422-55-04

    +380 (67) 359-85-63

    Liudmyla Horova  

    Deputy Director, Department of the Medicines Quality Control,  Head of Division for Cooperation with State Authorities, International Organizations, Enterprises and Institutions on Issues of Quality Control of Medicines

    +380 (44) 422-55-03

    +380 (67) 359-85-63

    Andrii Shovkovyi

    Head of Division for Laboratory Quality Control of Medicines, Department of the Medicines Quality Control

    +380 (44) 422-55-76


    +380 (67) 359-85-63

    Maryna Taran

    Head, Division for Prevention of Circulation of Substandard, Falsified and Unregistered Medicines Department of the Medicines Quality Control

    +380 (44) 422-55-03

    +380 (67) 359-85-63

    Kateryna Hromovych

    Chief Specialist, Division of State Quality Control of Medicines Department of the Medicines Quality Control, Department of the Medicines Quality Control