Representatives of the SMDC participate in the INCB mission to Ukraine

Опубліковано 11.09.2019 о 11:34

From 10 to 13 September 2019, the Board conducted a mission to Ukraine to discuss the country’s efforts to implement the three international drug control conventions and to strengthen the Board’s cooperation with the Ukrainian Government. Ambassador (ret.) David Johnson, member and vice-president of the Board, led the mission with the support of Ms. Karin Esposito of the Board’s secretariat. The mission was organized by Ukraine’s Ministry of Health.

The INCB delegation met and held talks with the first deputy head of SMDC Vladyslav Tsylina and head of division of quota and issuance of authorizations for import, export or transit of controlled substances Oleg Maximchuk. During the conversation was outlined the issues of drug control system in Ukraine, including the organizational structure of drug control, coordination mechanisms, interagency cooperation and the distribution of functions and responsibilities.

In addition, the INCB mission has discussions on the topic of drug control with representatives from other ministries, authorities, departments, such as Ministry of Health, National Police, the Security Service, State Border Guard Service, and Ministries of Justice; Foreign Affairs; Social Policy; Youth and Sports; and Education. As part of the discussions with the Ministry of Health, the INCB delegation met with stakeholders from the Center for Mental Health and Monitoring of Drugs and Alcohol; the Center for Public Health; and the Kyiv City Narcological Clinical Hospital.

The findings of the mission to Ukraine will be discussed by the Board at its 126th session in November 2019.


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