Safemed supports efforts to improve pharmaceutical sector through the creation of a unified medicines regulatory body

Опубліковано 24.08.2023 о 16:10

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, August 24th,SAFEMed and the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control (SMDC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Kyiv to coordinate strategies and best practices for establishing a unified medicines regulatory body. MOH selected SMDC to serve as the basis for this new enterprise, and this MOU serves as a guide for SMDC and SAFEMed to collaborate and report progress on this effort. Under the MOU, SAFEMed commits to providing technical and legal support to SMDC in creating a unified medicines regulatory body that is in line with European Union legislation and ensures the safety and quality of medicines on the Ukrainian market. SAFEMed plans to work with the SMDC to take stock of its current IT systems and processes and make recommendations to better prepare the institution for its expanded mandate in the coming years.

“The creation of a unified medicines regulatory body is an important step for the country. SMDC is confident that the work we will do together with SAFEMed will contribute to strengthening the SMDC institutional capacity” – noted SMDC Head.

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