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Опубліковано 05.05.2022 о 08:11

Please note that the drug reimbursement programme continues to work under martial law.

In order to facilitate patients’ access to vital medicines, the following changes have been made to the programme.

For the duration of martial law, along with e-prescriptions for “Affordable Medicines” and insulin, it is allowed to use paper prescriptions. Doctors can write out a prescription for «Affordable Medicines» for a month.

Pharmacies that dispense “Affordable Medicines” under an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine are obliged to accept both paper and e-prescriptions and issue prescribed medicines if available. The National Health Service of Ukraine consistently pays pharmacies for paper and e-prescription drugs.

Regarding changes in insulin supply.

Under martial law, all patients with diabetes who have a prescription (electronic or paper) can receive insulin at no extra charge. This applies to all 47 insulin drugs included in the Register of Medicinal Products Subject to Reimbursement under the Programme of Medical Guarantee. So, all these 47 insulin drugs, regardless of the type and form of release, are free.

Considering the availability and affordability of insulin drugs and the needs of patients in prescriptions, under martial law instead of the trade name of insulin drugs, doctors are allowed to write out paper prescriptions based on the following classification:

  1. human genetically engineered insulin: – short-acting; – medium acting;
  2. rapid-acting insulin analogue;
  3.  long-acting insulin analogue;
  4. combined insulin (human genetically engineered 30/70, analog insulin 30/70).

I doing so, doctors and pharmacists should provide medical and pharmaceutical advice to patients on information on the trade names of insulin drugs that can be dispensed to the patient in the pharmacy according to prescription. Insulin prescriptions are issued for a month during martial law.

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The pharmacist's protocols for dispensing medicines from pharmacies and their structural subdivisions have been updated