Аналіз інформації за період 01.09.2015 – 30.09.2015, отриманої з іноземних систем повідомлення про продукцію, що становить серйозний ризик

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·                     2015.09.21 Recall for the Target Coils, Stryker Neurovascular

Non-active implants – special implants PDF99KB


·                     2015.09.21 Urgent Safety Notice for MATResponder Tourniquet, Pyng Medical Corp.

General equipment for medical treatment – medico-mechanical devices PDF43KB


·                     2015.09.21 Safety Notice for the KIMVENT* Closed Suction Systems, Halyard Health

Surgical equipment/ Anaesthesia – anaesthesia and medical gas supply PDF295KB


·                     2015.09.21 Safety Notice for the Brilliance 64 and Ingenuity CT Scanners, Philips Healthcare

Radiological technology – CT scanners PDF55KB


·                     2015.09.21 Safety Notice regarding MCS-Port Obturator / MCS5000, A. M. I. Agency for Medical Innovations GmbH

Injections / Infusions / Transfusions / Dialysis – catheters PDF66KB


·                     2015.09.21 Recall for the Aliquot Delivery Kits (Syringe and Plunger), Stryker® Orthobiologics

General equipment for medical treatment – auxiliary equipment PDF55KB


·                     2015.09.21 Recall for the product Cutilyth sensitve Gel / Neutrosteralyth-Gel, AQUIS GmbH

Dressings / Pads – ointments and gels PDF82KB


·                     2015.09.21 Safety Corrective Action/Recall for PORT-A-CATH® Plastic Hub Needles, Smiths Medical

Injections / Infusions / Transfusions / Dialysis – injection kits PDF242KB


·                     2015.09.21 Important Safety Notice for the XiO RTP System, IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc.

Radiotherapy / Radiation protection – radiotherapy treatment planning systems PDF35KB


·                     2015.09.21 Important Information for the Accu-Chek Insight system, Roche Diabetes Care

Injections / Infusions / Transfusions / Dialysis – infusion technology PDF200KB


·                     2015.09.21 Corrective action for the Valved Entry Systems sold as stand-alone, within CONSTELLATION® TOTALPLUS® Paks, and within Alcon CUSTOM-PAKS, Alcon Laboratories Inc.

ophthalmological technology – equipment for ophthalmological therapeutics PDF130KB


·                     2015.09.16 Recall for the ThruPort™ Knot Pusher Model KP1 and Valve Placement Pack Model VPP, Edwards Lifesciences LLC

Medical instruments for use in humans – cardiac/thorax surgery PDF52KB


·                     2015.09.16 Recall for the Actifuse ABX, Actifuse MIS System and Inductigraft products, Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Non-active implants – materials for implants PDF175KB


·                     2015.09.16 Corrective action for the iChemVELOCITY Urine Chemistry Strips, Iris International

In-vitro diagnostics – equipment / products for clinical chemistry PDF199KB


·                     2015.09.16 Urgent Safety Notice for the Neptune® 2 Docker (STRYKER NEPTUNE® 2 WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), Stryker Instruments

Surgical equipment/ Anaesthesia – surgical equipment PDF454KB


In-vitro diagnostics – immunological products PDF3MB


Radiological technology – stationary radiological equipment PDF35KB


Orthopaedic / Rehabilitation technology – orthoses PDF241KB


Medical electronics / Electromedical devices – electrotherapy PDF42KB


Medical electronics / Electromedical devices – electronic blood pressure monitor PDF2MB


Medical instruments for use in humans – bone surgery PDF3MB


In-vitro diagnostics – immunological products PDF118KB


Surgical equipment/ Anaesthesia – anaesthesia and medical gas supply PDF311KB


Active implantable medical devices – defibrillators PDF58KB


Injections / Infusions / Transfusions / Dialysis – catheters PDF2MB


In-vitro diagnostics – equipment / products for clinical chemistry PDF101KB


Physical therapy – insufflation technique PDF22KB


Surgical equipment/ Anaesthesia – surgical equipment PDF2MB


Medical electronics / Electromedical devices – electrotherapy PDF2MB


Electromedical fields – equipment for MR tomography PDF249KB


Non-active implants – cardiac surgery PDF172KB


Orthopaedic / Rehabilitation technology – daily living aids PDF34KB


Medical electronics / Electromedical devices – electrotherapy PDF115KB


Non-active implants – bone surgery PDF407KB


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