Інформація, отримана з іноземних систем повідомлення про продукцію, що становить серйозний ризик, за період 01.11.2016 – 30.11.2016

Опубліковано 06.12.2016 о 00:00



·         Alaris® syringe pumps (all models) – risk of uncontrolled bolus of medicine with non-recommended syringes

Alaris syringe pumps are manufactured by CareFusion – using non-recommended syringes in Alaris syringe pumps that have a broken spring in the plunger assembly may cause unintended bolus of medication.

Alert type: Medical device alert Issued: 22 December 2016

·         Heater-cooler devices used in cardiac surgery – risk of infection with Mycobacterium species update

Updated advice from manufacturers on device management for systems known or suspected to be contaminated with Mycobacterium chimaera.

Alert type: Medical device alert Issued: 13 December 2016


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